Tamara Laine

LAINE- Co-founder CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Motto- One person can change the world with a powerful story and the courage to tell it.

Tamara Laine is an Emmy-nominated journalist and producer turned ESG communications strategist driving measurable impact solutions for purpose-driven brands. Currently, Tamara is a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of systemCHANGR, a community think tank that is connecting, catalyzing, and amplifying transformative solutions to ethical systems change.

She has led intellectual leadership initiatives at leading policy, financial, and newsgathering institutions. Her work and policy analysis can be seen in Foreign Policy, The World Bank, The Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, DEVEX, and Inkstick Media.

As a news correspondent for nearly a decade, Tamara’s work focused on human rights, the environment, ethical technology, ESG, and social impact investing. At the Karma Network, Tamara hosted the financial documentary series Inflection Point, profiling business leaders, and prominent social impact issues. Tamara was also a nightly on-air news reporter for Fox Broadcast News where she helped launch a new wave of interactive news programming. She is now the host of Mind the Ceiling, a podcast featuring women who have broken glass ceilings in their industries and the journey to leadership.

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